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My “Deadbeats” page is reserved for a list of any persons who order books and fail to pay within a reasonable due date of thirty days.

Since 1995, I’ve never lost any money by extending credit to my good customers. And I’ve never lost a dime on bad checks.  It’s a proven fact that folks who buy books just don’t go around writing hot checks, or failing to pay their debts. A couple of people have rode me a little long, however. But when I put their name on a “Deadbeat” list posted in my store (with their name being the only one on the list) they usually came around and paid. (One fellow from Olney, after riding me for about six months, finally sent me a check with a little interest included.  I had written him a note that some folks from Throckmorton who knew him had seen his name on my “Deadbeat” list.)

At this time, I have no delinquent accounts, but a couple of folks are getting close to having their names and addresses listed here and in my store.